immigration... is it good or bad?

immigration... is it good or bad?
Immigration is morally evil! There are millions of people all over who are starving. The U.S would be a haven compared to some of the grounds they have been living on! When one is doing as greatly as most American are, they tend to forget that there are many many many many many people who still need are help. Most of the citizens living in the U.S fear immigration because they say the immigrants will take all of the jobs, leaving very few open for the already living there citizens. This is not totally true! For the immigrants that do come and succesfully make it to the United States, about 91.2% of them don't even speak english! So the jobs that they would recieve would be very small and not some of the jobs that most would prefer. One thing that makes the U.S different than any other country is everyone is an immigrant. Even Native Americans who were decendents from the Nomads who crossed the baring strait. The U.S offers opertunity, for so many... why not just share it with a few more?!!?

anonymous on 2001-05-16 02:33:27 from the school department - recs (304)
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