I am NOT illegal, California

I am NOT illegal, California
Have you ever jay walked? Ever speed when driving down the highway? Have you ever received a parking ticket? Then you too are an illegal. If we call everyone who breaks a law an illegal than I guess we all are. People who come here from Mexico are only in search for a better life for their children. All they want to do is feed their family. Undocumented immigrants come here and are exploited for their labor and are living in fear of deportation. Many are single mothers who are leaving abusive homes in Mexico; others are children trying to reunite with their families. But enough about Mexican immigrants, immigrants from El Salvador, and Guatemala have come here fleeing Civil War. Asian immigrants come here and over stay there visas. Thatís right not very one comes here from Mexico. 40% of undocumented immigrants are overstaying their Visas. SO PLEASE STOP THE HATE.

And one last thing, who would cut your lawn, baby-sit, wash you car, build your houses, paint you house, make your clothes, and cook your food, if Mexicans were not here? Thatís right, no matter which restaurant you go to, there is most likely a Mexican cooking your food. SO enjoy that fresh made Italian food and thank the Mexican who cooked it for you.

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