Comment For Everyone

Comment For Everyone
Okay, I really have to make a comment to all of this non-sence. I am eighteen and recently I married an immigrant from Jamiaca, and let me tell you it was the best decision I have ever made. I have started to learn about life young, no one there to teach me from, right and wrong and no one who really was there for me. All the guys I have dated in the past used and abused me, and never showed me the kind of respect that I deserved. But one day I was on the internet and this guy emailed me. But like I always did I ignored him, but for some reason he wouldnt give up. He kept on sending me messages, so I gave him a chance. I started talking to him, which lead to calling him several times a day and speaking to him on the phone for hours and we started to date. But before we started to date he told me that he came here legally but now his time for being here has been expired for quite some time. Let me tell you all, it didnt stop me from being with him. I had fallen in-love with him for who he was and not for what he didnt have. We talked on the phone and on the internet for about six months. Than we made a decision for him to move from Florida to South Dakota where I am living. He couldnt fly because his papers were expired so he had to take the bus. He rode the bus up here for two and a half days, coming to S.Dakota to a person he had never met before. He had his full trust in me. I could have never showed up to pick him up or lied about who I was. But we were open and trusting one another. The day that I was to pick him up was the most exciting day I had ever had. My sister and I went to the bus station and we waited for him for about 20 min. Than his bus arrived! He came off the bus and my heart dropped. My honny was finally here and now I can finally touch him. I didnt have to touch the screen or the pictures and letters he sent me. He was here! The smell of him was so warm, and the touch of his hands wrapped around me was so securing, and the kisses was so breathe-taking that I didnt want to stop holding him. I knew from there that I had found Mr. Right. As soon as we gathered his belongings and put them in the trunk of the car we took him out to eat, so I could get to know him alittle bit more. Then we brought him to a friends house because I didnt have an apartment at the time, so he stayed there for a few weeks. Than I found a beautiful place for him and I. He moved in and since he couldnt work he cleaned, cooked and took good care of me. We laughed and cried together. He held me when we sleep, and we bathed each other in the shower. And times we had took bathes together with candles and the lights out. We had gotten married and we are still going strong. We are right now in the proccess of getting his papers finalized. He is the most loving and caring person that I have ever been with. His parents and siblings are so sweet, and my parents just adore him. So just because he is an immigrant doesnt mean he is out there just to get his papers and run. God brought him to America to have a better life and to start a family. But yes, there are immigrants out there to just use you for your papers, but not everyone is like that. So just dont stereo-type, include everyone. And God Bless you all!

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