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Your argument has no evidence nor does it have any real information other than a few things you think. You even make it a little unclear on what your opinion is on in Immigration in this debate. Get some facts. This has no reason to be on the front page of this debate.

anonymous on 2005-12-02 12:31:58 - recs (215)
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Nice Try
If you think the argument is so simplistic, you are clearly mistaken. If only it were so simple. Even the most educated economists grapple with the issue of whether or not current immigration policy is really such a boost to the economy.

anonymous on 2005-10-18 05:20:37 from the Full Time College Student department - recs (265)
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Segregation 2005
The U.S.A has more than enough money to really close the borders. Look at Area-51 we have heat and movement sensors that automatically turn on when a line is crossed. The reallity is that we don't close the borders because we need the drugs to be entered through the border to destroy the poor and we need cheap labor workers to do the jobs that you lazy deadbeat's don't wan't to do. Those are two out of many reasons why we don't close the borders. These people are denied almost all benefits but, yet they are a huge contribution to the economy. Imagine how much better the economy would grow if these people had the chance you and I have to go to school and make better money. The more money they make the more money the will spend and the better the economy will grow. Remember the Euro IS HIGHER THAN THE DOLLAR. The point is that U.S.A Is treating immigrants like slaves. Therefore segregation is not over. I mean just look at your point of view, Is completely RACIST. No matter nobody's opinion these millions of people live all arround us and diserve a chance like our ancestors had when they came here. Where is the " WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL" Is this what America is known for.

anonymous on 2005-09-28 06:18:50 from the REALLITY department - recs (343)
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Illegal immigration, Bad for America!!!!!!
I disagree completely! First of all the impact of illegal immigrants is being seen in education, health care, and job securtiy.
The majority of illegal immigrants aren't paying taxes, who do you think is paying for their children to go to school, for the entire families health care. The answer is the American citizens. Does that seem fair? Not at all!!!!

anonymous on 2005-09-17 10:46:24 - recs (336)
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US population would stabilize in the low 300 million level without immigration
The Census Bureau projects the US population, currently 294 million, will reach 420 million by 2050, if current immigration levels continue (see link below). Put differently, the US will add the current population of Mexico (about 106 million), plus some, in just forty-five years.

This projection is not a wild stab in the air. Indeed, the US population swelled from about 225 million in 1980, to about 250 million in 1990, and to 294 million in 2005. Note the acceleration in the population increase from the 1990s, mostly from immigration.

The Census Bureau projects the US population would stabilize around the low 300 million level if there were a moratorium on immigration.

The immigration issue is not the simplistic 'legal is good' and 'illegal is bad' argument. The immigration issue is not the silly us-versus-them argument.

The immigration issue is about numbers.

It's about too much too fast. While it's only natural that people seek a better life in the US, the line has to be drawn somewhere.

Do you want to a live in a Third World country? The US has the highest population growth rate in the developed world. Do you think you or your children's quality of life can be maintained when the US population swells to 420 million and continues growing? Immigrants congregate in cities, they don't spread evenly across the US.

The US government admits over 1 million legal immigrants annually. To put this in perspective, we add twice the population of Washington DC (about 500,000) every year through legal immigration alone. Don't blame the immigrants please. Blame the pols. The Republicans and Democrats have both failed us.

You can close your eyes and pretend it's not happening.

Or you can do something.

Is your Congressman a member of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus? (http://tancredo.house.gov/irc/welcome.htm). If not, why not? Call and find out. The site also includes a report card for each Congressman and Senator regarding immigration reform.

Also, tell your Congressman to support the Mass Immigration Reduction Act (H.R.946), and that you are opposed to any illegal alien amnesty proposed by President Bush.

Call your Senators too and ask why they're so passive on this issue.

Census Bureau population projection: http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/usinterimproj/natprojtab01a.xls

anonymous on 2005-09-04 10:00:15 - recs (110)
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human rights
Is not the right to live anywhere one wishes as long as one is peaceful a human right? Who is it to say those in power, those more bigoted or wealthy can tell another human where they are allowed to pursue happiness and peace. Deny welfare or medical benefits, but do not put class or money classes to determine who is allowed to live where.

From blue_crystal on 2005-09-02 04:59:40 - recs (82)
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What the....!?!?!?!?!?
Wait a minute here....I thought we won the Mexican American war?! By all acounts lately this is not true. Look around and the blame can be squarely placed on the shoulders of the "American" (so-called) politicians that refuse to close the borders, allow immigrants coming across the border to pilage the homes and properties of those American citizens that actually own the land, struck down the national language bill and generally endorse free immigration policy. It is sad that George Bush and Arnold Swartzanegger lead these actions. THESE NEW IMMIGRANTS DON'T VOTE. If they vote, they only vote for theiur own kind exclusively.
I say let's use our military might here for our own countries needs. The military has a weapon called a phalynx gun. It is used on aircraft carriers. It shreads anything it detects coming at the ship. If we put these on the border and few of the illegals got shredded that would become a serious deterrent to any one or anything attempting antry into the USA. Further, these are fully automatic. Just go out once a week and re-load them. Simple, effective detterent. No helicopters and border patrol agents, just high tech weaponry.
We also need to close the borders to all new prospective citizens from where ever. We have plenty of people now. We no longer need any more population growth. We have plenty of people here now.
I believe we need to shut down ALL transfer of funds OUT of the USA. American money needs to stay here, not pad the pockets of Vincente Fox and the rest of the corrupt Mexican economy.
Shoot first and ask questions later.

anonymous on 2005-08-28 09:47:45 - recs (77)
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Legal immigration and citizenship
We've lost our way in America in terms of our immigration policy. If one came from another country 30 years ago they would have to learn to read write and speak english. If they had the support of their own community they could eat read and speak their native tounge and feel comnfortable while assimilating to America. Now we Americans have to feel like forigners in our own land. I do not speak, read or write Spanish. If I went to Mexico or any other country for that matter, I would have to assimilate or die. Not here. We coddle them like babies. Why?
If any person wants to come to the United States to free themselves from oppression, bad government or bad economic policies, they should be able immigrate to the USA, immediately start learning the language, customs and become a part of American society. Not just come here to rape the country of our food, natural resorces and money and then leave and live like kings in their home country. Not right! Not the way it should be. We have a serious problem here when I have to learn to read two languages in my own country just because a bunch of interlopers have decided to lay down temporary roots here.
Born here, Raised here.

anonymous on 2005-08-28 02:22:59 - recs (95)
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Our View

    Increased immigration is important for both the economic and spiritual well being of the United States. Immigrants often take jobs which would otherwise go unfilled and increase overall productivity. Empirically, the United States has recently undergone a long period of increased immigration and has an economy which may have it's ups and downs, but is still the envy of the world, with significant immigrant contributions in the prominent high technology sector. The most convincing argument against immigration is usually their effect on wages, but current economic policy is already focused on fighting this wage pressure to reduce the threat of inflation and subsequent depression. As such, the chief argument against becomes an argument for increased immigration. Most importantly, let us not forget that these immigrants are people who simply want a better life, just like our parents and grandparents, who all came to the United States in similar situations. Helping them in their quest for a better life makes us rich in ways which transcend money.

    Those who argue against immigration often make seemingly common sense arguments. Arguments are made as to immigration causing increased use of schools, infrastructure, and housing. This certainly makes sense on it's face, but it hinges on the assumption that there is a finite amount of housing, when in reality, we can build as many houses as we want, assuming we have the needed labor, and immigrants often provide this labor. Immigration activist Yeh Ling-Ling writes that "Almost every week, we hear about thousands of our workers losing their jobs. Yet in 1992, more than 750,000 legal immigrants of working age were admitted to this country". This hinges on the idea that there are a finite amount of jobs, when this is clearly dependent on the health of the economy, to which immigrants contribute. She also asks, "Where are we going to find tax dollars to educate the additional thousands of immigrant children we invite to this country every year?". This hinges on the idea that there are finite amounts of tax dollars, when in reality, these dollars depend on the workers who pay their taxes, including these new immigrants. These are simplistic responses to simplistic arguments. In reality, the contribution of immigrants to society is hard to quantify, but it is important to realize that arguments which hinge on the myth of 'finite resources' are rhetorical and ill suited to determining the real impact of immigration. Studies designed to determine the real impact of immigration on the economy differ in their results, but the United States is a country of immigrants and happens to be the strongest country in the world. Is this a coincidence?

    The lone resources which are indeed finite are environmental, but I cannot see how a truly responsible environmental organization can be anti-immigration. The environment is a global issue and it is universally agreed that with increased wealth comes increased awareness of the environment. As such, it is far better for the global environment to move people from low wage to high wage countries. Indeed, the United States has lost immense amounts of forest and biodiversity during it's industrialization, but recently has begun to reverse this trend as increased wealth has allowed us to focus on environmental issues.

    Arguments against immigration are often anecdotal and do have some basis. In certain urban centers of the country, new immigrants represent a disproportional amount of the population, often before they adjust enough to make up for it with contributions to the tax base. As such, it is natural for those who have experienced this to have negative attitudes towards immigration. Still it is important to realize the anecdotal nature of these experiences. We should work to alleviate these situations, but let's not lose sight of the big picture. Worse, some activists see reduced immigration as a necessity to reduce ethnic tensions. Legislating reduced ethnic diversity as a solution to racial tension hints of arguments for ethnic cleansing.

    So far, I have argued that we need immigrants in order to increase our economic well being, but I think the most important of arguments is a spiritual one. Simply put, this is a chance to help others and in a society as individualistic as the US, we need to take advantage of these chances. Few Americans can imagine the poverty that many immigrants are escaping. Given our current economic boom, it's pretty clear that we need immigrants from a macroeconomic level, but we need them even more spiritually. We are in clear danger of becoming an isolationist, every man for himself, society. Remember the lessons of Ebenezer Scrooge or It's a Wonderful Life. If we turn away those in need, we will be poorer for it, both economically and spiritually.

    If you have an opinion on this, please respond by posting something.  I am certainly open to debate and willing to entertain the conclusion that I may be mistaken in some way.  One reason I felt that this essay needed to be written was because of the singularity of points of view which was being aired in this debate and I would not want to make the same mistake.  Posts will be screened, but only to weed out anything abusive, profane, or unrelated, and I welcome conflicting views. 

    The above essay was written in the year 2000 and may be out of date by now. If you would like to contact the author, you can do so by emailing webmaster (at) about my job dot com.  This domain is underutilized and we would definitely consider selling it.

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